omni light setup

Wojtek 11 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 11 months ago 3

Most of light setup have light level setup and  2 radius, 1st, inner, when light have 100% "power" second, outer, when light is down to 0%. Way from radius 1 to 2nd can be done as linear or expotential way.

but we have 1 radius as I see ??

and is there problem  to make omni invisible in render? I would like to use omni not as part of lamp design but to make additional extra light from "outside" of the scene, we can do it in enviroment map design but adding light we can make some more brighten from inside of scene model.

Under review

Boxshot 5 uses physically-based rendering which affects omni lights, as well. In real world light decays proportionally to distance squared. There is no way to change that except for adding mediums like fog or smoke. You can still control the intensity to change the distance affected.

As for the visibility, again in real world you do see light sources. An omni light emits in all the directions, including the ones pointing to your eyes or camera. I understand that it might be inconvenient in some cases, but that's how it works in real life. Although we can add an option to hide lights for direct visibility, they will still be visible in reflections as otherwise they will light nothing. Will that work for you?

I belive that will be OK , we can see ligts effects as we try to make better scene but we dont want to make light source visibe, - same - we can setup white bacground and see effects of enviromental light :)