Older Boxshot project is empty

Barry 10 months ago updated 10 months ago 4

My older Boxshot project files (made in Boxshot 4) are empty when opening as well in 4 and 5.

What's wrong? Greetings Barry

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It depends on the project, but the most likely reason is that your projects use external models which are now missed. Boxshot 4 doesn't embed external models and require the model files to be accessible in order for the project to be loaded. This changed in Boxshot 5, but version 4 projects may look empty because of that. Same for the artwork: in both versions 4 and 5 the artwork is external.

Try opening the project, then click Help->Open System Folder in the main menu of Boxshot and have a look inside the boxshot_log.txt file in that folder. Scroll it down to the bottom and look for "ERROR" lines, there must be a clue there.

Thanks for your comment. It worked again by replacing the whole map of projects on its original place in my computer. It's a bit strange because every (linked) files in the projects where also situated in the replaced map. 


Boxshot stores relative paths to artwork (and models in version 4) if the files are next to the projects or in subfolders. If they are somewhere else (upper folders, different driver or network), it stores the full path to the resource.

When the project is loaded, Boxshot first tries to load using the stored path (directly if it is absolute, or using the project folder as a base, if relative). If this fails, Boxshot tries to locate the resource by its name near the project file. If it fails again, it fails.

If the above doesn't work for you and you use the latest Boxshot, please provide more details privately, so we can have a look.

Thanks for the quick reaction. I know how to prevent getting empty files. Greetings, Barry