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How to remove black spots from

DBX 11 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 11 months ago 5

It doesn't show the black dots in the software, but when I render, it then comes out with black dots. Please advise how to remove the dots/spots. 

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Does it help to render more? Also, what is the software version you use?

Hi there

I render fully. I am using the latest version of the software. Just bought it and downloaded it the other day.

See image for my render settings. Any advice on how to remove the black dots/spots with those render settings, or is it something else (e.g. roughness)?

Any chance you can provide a minimal project showing the problem?

Please see my initial post above that includes the two images. Is that a minimal project? Is that what you are referring to?

I need the project itself, not the rendering result. By having a project here, I can load it and have a better look at the materials and the scene to have a better idea of why you see the dots. Please click File->Collect Resources in Boxshot menu, ZIP the output and send it here. You can do this privately, if needed.