BoxShot 5 files in BoxShot 4

Marco Correia 11 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 10 months ago 7

Can I open files from Boxshot 5 Professional in a Boxshot 4 Ultimate?


No, Boxshot 4 can't open Boxshot 5 projects.


And it is possible to have the two versions installed in one machine (MAC).

We have one license of BoxShot 4 Ultimate and one of Boxshot 5 Professional.

Sure, you can have them both installed at the same time. I'd recommend to install the 4th version first, then the 5th one, so they properly handle all the supported file types. If you already have version 5 installed, remove it first and reinstall in the order above.

Hi, the computer already have BoxShot 4 installed. 

When I install BoxShot 5 the licence that appears is the same for BoxShot 4.

Can I put the correct licence for the BoxShot 5 without compromise BoxShot 4?

I have to licences, ine for BoxShot 4 Ultimate and other for BoxShot 4 Professional.

Both copies share the license, so you can put the latest/better license into either app and the other one will catch it up. It is OK to use the same license for Boxshot 4 and 5 running on the same computer, even at the same time.

If I use the BoxShot 5 Professional license will the BoxShot 4 Ultimate maintains all functionality

No, only one license key is used. If you strictly need to use different licenses for both apps, you can put a file named "license" next to the Boxshot 4 executable and put the version 4 license key there as a plain text. Boxshot 4 will use that file, while Boxshot 5 will use the key you entered in the registration window.