Support for multipage PDF

Raphaël Freeman MISTD 11 months ago updated by Filip 8 months ago 1

Since Boxshot now has amazing support for open books with the ability to add leaves to a book which are partially open, it would be very useful to simply drop the entire pdf of the interior of the book (rather than extracting individual pages) and then open to the appropriate page. Then when adding leaves to the book, both sides of the leaf will already have the artwork in place. If you look at the below image, I had to individually select the pages and place them accordingly on each of the leaves. Of course this feature would also mean that we know how many pages in a book so if the thickness of the book is set to 3cm then we would know how many pages per cm.


This feature would spare sou much time! Actually, I export spreads and then crop the images. At least I can export less PDF’s from InDesign.