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Boxshot 5.2.5 beta feedback

Vitaly Ovchinnikov 8 months ago updated 8 months ago 9

Boxshot 5.2.5 is here: https://boxshot.com/2020/08/14/boxshot-5-2-5.html

If something is still missing or doesn't work as expected, please let us know in the comments below.

Thank you :)

I have never beta-tested software that is so responsive to feedback! You are awesome!

Okay so I tried the bleed. If I understand correctly, if I bleed with crop marks, then I have to actually manually put in the amount bled (easy to work out by doing CTRL-D on the pdf) and manually put in both the width and the thickness?

It looks like it came out perfectly. Just wondering if I was doing this correctly if there was a shortcut that I missed.

And again thank you for adding this feature. It’s very useful for me so my client can see the spine properly in terms of spacing which is hard to see when the designer provides ample bleed for the printer.

Under review

Boxshot takes the bleeds into account when the book is resized with "Fit to images", so all you need is to load the artwork and provide the bleeds. Then click "Fit to images" and you should get proper dimensions. It works just fine according to our tests, but it would be nice if you can test that on your covers, as well.

No that didn’t work. I defined the height as 16.51 and width at 11.05. I defined the wrapped artwork (I think that is what you are calling bleeds) as 1.68. 

When hit Fit to images, the thickness became 7.1.

If I change the thickness to 2.7 then it looks perfect.

Here is the pdf spread: https://we.tl/t-fvwD4VAPok

Yep :( It looks like the width calculation doesn't take wrapped artwork into account for full-cover images. Could you just confirm, that the bleeds are actually 2.23, not 1.68 centimetres.

We'll release an update fixing that in a couple of days. Meanwhile the thickness needs to be done manually for full-wrapped cover hardbacks.

Yes, the bleed is actually 1.7 cm but more space needs to be added for the crop marks, so you are correct that the total extra space is 2.225.


Good, keep an eye on the blog for updates. It already works right here, but needs some more time to get re-tested and released.

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