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Boxshot 5.2.6 beta feedback

Vitaly Ovchinnikov 10 months ago updated by Raphaël Freeman MISTD 10 months ago 5

Boxshot 5.2.6 is here: https://boxshot.com/2020/08/15/boxshot-5-2-6.html, let's see if we can find any other issues there :)


still struggling with the logic of the wrapping.

I put in the correct values of the front and the thickness. 

In order for me to avoid seeing the bleed and crop marks, I open the pdf to see that the page size is 20.96 high and then do (20.96-16.5)/2 = 2.23 which I have to manually put in to the wrapped artwork. But why isn’t Boxshot doing that?

Under review

I am not sure I got the question... Is it about why Boxshot doesn't compute wrapped artwork using the height you provided? Boxshot does the opposite: it computes the height using the artwork height and the wrapped artwork you provided. So you need to provide wrapped artwork and width and Boxshot computes height and thickness.

The reason it is done this way is because most of the artwork will have no wrapping at all, so height calculation is more useful.


I am not sure I agree from a user perspective. 

I receive the artwork from the designer (or let’s say I do the cover myself in InDesign). I have to provide the width of the page anyway and when I get that value in InDesign, I have the height value.

If there is no bleed/crops, then sure it’s nice to have to only put in the width.

However, if I receive print-ready files (which I often do) or I want to show an accurate representation of what the cover will look like to the client which is why I am rendering it in 3D, then I will have to provide bleed and crop.

So I will have to know the height, write it down, and then see what the pdf height is and make the calculation.

From my personal perspective, I would much rather see a button saying “artwork contains bleed/crops” for both the cover and the dustjacket (I might receive the cover without crops and the dustjacket with for example) and then a little note saying you must provide height as well. Letting Boxshot calculate the values is going to be way faster than first opening the pdf, pressing CTRL-D to work out the height with extra wrap (bleed and crops), dividing by 2 etc. 

Also not sure that all users will find that very easy to do or even know how to do that. If the cover has been created in Photoshop (yeah, people do that too!) then it becomes harder.

Just seems silly to me if I am already getting the width value from the designer (or InDesign) to simply ask for the height as well and then let Boxshot do the hard work.

From our experience most of the users do not use bleeds at all and for them it is much more convenient to be able to upload the artwork and get all the main dimensions done automatically. That's what we do for all the other shapes in Boxshot. There are cases like full-cover book where we can't automatically compute one of the dimensions and have to ask the user. But we must compute what we can. And if there is a choice between two options we can calculate, we prefer to calculate the most popular one, which is height, not wrapped artwork.

It is not a problem to implement that feature with an extra option or check-box, but we also try to keep the interface simple and hard cover books already have quite a lot of parameters. However, you are very welcome to submit this as a separate idea and if it gets some support, we'll consider adding it as an option. Especially if you want separate bleeds for the dust jacket.

Fair enough. The fact that I can calculate it for my clients, makes this a nice feature to have and yes, you don’t want to overcomplicate the UI.

I have added it as an idea.