Lighting/Shadow Issue

PatrickSimmons 10 months ago updated 10 months ago 5

I'm noticing a glitch that I thought had been resolved in the past, but seems to have come back. I'm rendering a box generated in Origami in Boxshot and the side, which is a flat plane, has an odd highlight on it.

In the attached image you will see a triangular highlight on the right side, which shouldn't be there.

Initially I suspected it was the 5.2.6 release. Sadly going back to the 5.2.5 version did not help.

I'm not sure if this is a Boxshot or Origami issue. I have attached the Boxshot file as well as the die line from Illustrator which was used to create the case in Origami.

Thanks for your help!


Under review

This looks like z-fighting for me. Although Boxshot is quite good in rendering such scenes, it might help to fix the scene anyway. Have a look here for more information: https://boxshot.com/origami/tutorials/mistakes/z-fighting/ and let me know if it doesn't help.


I don't think this is a z-fighting issue, I've dealt with many of those! Looking at the attached die-line, there is nothing there to interfere with that side panel.


After some testing this seems to be a bug. We'll have a look and try to fix it in the next update. Thanks for reporting this.

Thanks for the quick response!