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Side Texture from Origami does not match Boxshot

PatrickSimmons 10 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 10 months ago 3

I've noticed another bug that seemed to have been resolved at one point, but has come back.

When a model is created in Origami and brought into Boxshot, the side texture does not match. In the case, the flute of the cardboard is much tighter in Boxshot than what was generated in Origami.

I had noticed in previous versions that the model would import with the UV Mapping turned way down.

I am exporting a DAE file from Origami and opening it in Boxshot.

Thank you.

Under review

Here I tried the latest versions of both apps and the side texture looks OK:

What are the apps versions you use?

Boxshot: 5.2.7

Origami: 3.0.8

I misspoke in my initial note. I'm exporting as an OBJ not a DAE

Boxshot does not support texture scaling for OBJ files (yet). Consider using Collada instead, which is the format of choice for exchange data between or applications.