Object exact measurements needed!

Michael Strauss 7 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 4 months ago 6

I work in packaging design... I need to be able to verify everything I'm doing in Boxshot with real dimensions, inches & CM. Not % of size... I should be able to click on my object and see its 3 dimensions... and then if need be type in the exact dimensions of what an object should be... right now its near impossible to figure out somethings actual dimensions... please please add this!!!

Under review

Most of Boxshot objects have physical measurements which should work quite well. Could you provide a more detailed example of what is needed, but cannot be currently done. Then we can work from there.

it really has to do with objects that are not started in Boxshot, like items from origami... see attached example of a box made from illustrator and origami... no where in Boxshot can I see the actual dimensions of this item, in inches or cm? unless im missing something... all I can do is increase the size or scale it... but you can't tell what actual size it is.


Got it, thank you.

great! if you need anything else, please let me know... for a packaging designer this will be huge!

Hi guys, checking in... any ETA for this measurement functionality??? cant wait to get it!

Hi, unfortunately I can't tell the timeframe yet, but this is in the list and doesn't look complex, so it will be probably added in one of the next updates.