Default headband color too dark

Filip 8 months ago updated 8 months ago 5

The default headband color of the new hard cover books has a nice natural color. Nevertheless, it is not possible to change the color of the headband to white. Please change the default headband texture (headband.png) to light gray (= white) so the user can select any color or no color to represent white headband. Thanks. 

Not a bug

You can remove the default texture by clicking the empty line at the top of the drop-down list:

Then you can use the color field to configure the color of the headband.

Hi, I know I can remove the texture, or what I actually did is to desaturate and lighten the existing PNG. 

But why does the new headband.png has such a strong and unusual color? I did a test, I checked around 100 hardcover books in my library (many different genres, sizes, provenience, old and new) and most of the headbands are white, black, red, some of them are multicolored. But I didn’t find any single light brown headband. 

The idea of the headband texture is great, the decision to make the default color light brown is not. So perhaps it is not a bug but I suggest to reconsider your choice of headband color and let users decide whether they want white, brown or black.


I got your point now, thank you.

Thanks! I appreciate it.