Decal Distortion

cmiller 6 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 3 months ago 6

When I add a decal that wraps almost all the way around there is an edge that appears distorted. See screen shot attached. If I reduce size of decal so the edges are further away from the distortion disappears.

Thank you!


For full wraps like on the screenshot, you'd better using the "Label" object. Decals are more like "stickers" and are better to be applied locally, not around the shape.


maybe offset in Decals can help 

That's what I wound up doing. I find it difficult to get the label to be the same diameter as the bottle. It always seems to be a little larger so there is a gap between bottle and label. Is there a technique to match label to exact diameter of bottle?


Almost all the objects in Boxshot have dimensions, so you can make the label exactly of the same size as the bottle. Then you might make the label a child object to the bottle, and make sure the offset along X and Y axes is zero. This should give you a perfectly centered label. As for the gap, there must be a little gap between the label and bottle, but you can configure that to make it barely visible.

I'm having a similar problem again with a decal. The decal does not wrap all the way around extrude object. See image attached. The decal art is being distorted.

Is that a full wrap? If not, maybe you can share the project with all the artwork, so we can check it here? You can do this privately, if you like.