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Andrew Waters 7 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 1 month ago 4

Hi Vitaly,
I received my new M1 MacBook Pro yesterday and have been playing around with it. I decided to do a Boxshot render test to see how fast it worked. I got the same model etc and rendered it in Boxshot on my M1 MacBook Pro with 16GB Ram and also my iMac Pro 10 core. The iMac completed the render in 5 minutes and 35 seconds and at that stage the M1 was still not even at 2% done. I left the M1 run for 45 minutes and at that stage it was still only at 9% done so I just cancelled the render. Now I only say this as a heads up in case you don't have access to an Apple Silicon mac yet. Obviously Boxshot was running in Rosetta 2 emulation mode so there would be a penalty hit for that but some benchmarks I am seeing are having apps running in Rosetta 2 give great performance. So your render engine obviously uses some part of the Intel Chips that suffers greatly in emulation. I have heard that floating point and CPU vector instruction intensive work falls in that category but am unaware if that is relevant to Boxshot. Anyway all is good. I didn't buy the M1 MacBook Pro for renders it's just for light out of office work but thought I would let you know what I experienced and to let you know when you do start work on Apple Silicon compatibility I am happy to beta test for you.


Hello Andrew,

We did some tests with Apple development kit and the rendering was slower, but not to that extent... We haven't got the new macs yet, hope to get them by December and then we'll be able to do proper performance testing with the real hardware.

The thing is that Boxshot highly depends on CPU and emulation slows the things down. Unfortunately, one of the frameworks that we depend on has not been ported to ARM yet. This should be done early next year and then we'll be able to release the ARM version of Boxshot (and other apps). Meanwhile, consider rendering on Intel.


Hi Vitaly, Yes no worries of course. Like I said I only did it as an experiment. I have only recently purchased my iMac Pro so I will be still using that for all my proper work for a few years to come at least. I just did the render experiment out of curiosity and seeing it perform so very poorly I thought I would make you aware of the fact. I run your Beta versions anyway so just wanted to mention it so when you do start doing an Apple Silicon compatible version I am happy to run some real world test for you with the sort of files I regularly render so I can give you valuable feedback. Cheers.

new Macbook  M1 vs MacPro 6.1 12core 2,7ghz

M1 performace is between 4-6 core i7

in Boxshot render 


Added in 5.3, but you'd better try 5.3.1: https://boxshot.com/2021/05/12/boxshot-5-3-1.html :)