Not a bug

Phone and Tablet screen cant be changed

Daniel Forsnabba 5 months ago updated 5 months ago 3

Adding a custum picture (as texture) works fine with Monitor, but not with mobil phone and tablet. Only the back of the device can be changed. Changing the texture of "screen" changes back of the device (Mac Version 5.2.8)

What to do?

Not a bug

I've double-checked this and it works for sure. Please check that you don't have two shapes at the same place, so you change one, but see another. It if doesn't help, please send the project here so we can have a look.

Thanks for the answer. I checked it, there's only one tablet and one mobil phone. Also, I added custom picture to screen, front, back and body - only back is effected. File attached


Ah, I got it working. Thanks so far!