"Change relief (planes only)" vs "Change normals"

TeddySwoze 4 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 4 months ago 1

On a basic level, what is the difference between these two modes? I've read the page on the website explaining this but, I have to admit, I get lost on what is actually happening differently between the two. Is one preferable to the other? If I have access to both bump maps and normal maps, is there one that Boxshot handles better?



In "Change normals" mode Boxshot modifies mostly reflections, so it works mostly for metallic and shiny plastic surfaces. In "Change relief" mode Boxshot modifies the geometry, so simply speaking you get "more bump" with proper shadows etc. You can use both depending on what you need, but relief mode works best on flat surfaces and may get artefacts on curvy ones.

Boxshot does not support normal maps, please use height maps instead.