how do I get liquid look into a bottle I've modified from loft?

kommunikateau 3 months ago updated 3 months ago 4

Hi I have created a clear bottle and I want to:

1. put a liquid look in it with bubbles on top line is there a way I can do this (can I create a label that goes inside bottle for instance that has bubble line?) The liquid is clear.

2. put ridges in cap as per actual bottle (see image below boxshot image)

my boxshot bottle:


1. The simplest way would be to add a lathe object resembling the bottle's shape and place a bubble texture on it.

2. Boxshot has many caps for the bottle model, so try the different ones. If no one works, you can try using bump/heightmap for that.

How do I get access to the cap textures? when I choose a premade shape it gives me all the cap options, but with this lathe one I dont get any options despite it being labelled in material as a cap.

There is a dedicated "Cap" shape in Boxshot, so you can remove the hand-made cap from the loft object and add a pre-made cap from the list of Boxshot shapes. Then you can adjust it the way you need.


Thanks Vitaly I never noticed it to select from - I ended up working out how to SVG a shape and created my own lid so pretty chuffed with myself! If I haven't said it before I really enjoy using your programs - Origami and Boxshot they are great!