Delete label from preset

Simon Byford 2 months ago updated 2 months ago 5

Hi, is there a way of deleting the label area from the presets? I don't want the white area, just like it to be gone so I can place my own decal without the white area behind it. Many thanks, Simon

Under review

This depends on the shape you use. What is the shape?

I can see the Pharma Bottle has the hide/show lable option but can't see one for the win presets at all?

It's the wine bottle.


The wine bottle is most likely the Lathe shape, is that correct? With lathe you need to manually configure materials in the editor. Open the editor, locate the label element on the outline and change its material to match the bottle's one:

You might also want to disable the "double-sided" option which is to the right of the material selection drop-down.

This is brilliant and great advice. Thank you!