Loft Question/Help

cmiller 2 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 months ago 1

I'm trying to create a loft shape with a rounded top. The front and back round like I want but the sides stick out. See attached images. If anyone can offer help/suggestions it will be greatly appreciated. I can send files if needed.

Than you.


You can still do this with loft objects, yet it might take some efforts. The two key things are:

1. Add more slices. You have just three and that's not enough for smooth interpolation of such shape;

2. Edit front and left sides separately. You can enable this using the popup menu as displayed below.

The smoother surface you need, the more slices you need to add. Make sure you switch to "Scale on visible axis" and then switch between front and left sides to configure the shape. Another important thing is to make one or two top slices slightly smaller on the "Left" view to avoid "horns" at the top:

Hope this helps.