Image stack side

sam 1 month ago updated 1 month ago 2

Hi there! I'm trying to make a rendering for a board game, but the image stacks unfortunately show the image really prominently through the sides. This would be great if I could vary the image for every card in the stack, but since I can't, it makes it VERY obvious that it's just 1 image for each card and it looks very odd and fake. 

Do I have any options to hide this somehow? Adding a color to the sides of the image only changes the tint, but the image still shines through unfortunately. 

Thank you!!


What you can try is to make some images, select them all and use Tools->Stack to stack them up. This way you can get more random stack.

Make sure you use the latest beta: https://boxshot.com/2021/05/12/boxshot-5-3-1.html as there was a problem with the stack tool and OpenGL preview in 5.3 that we fixed in 5.3.1.

Thank you :)