Hard Cover Book with "wrap cover image around" slightly crops image left and right (v5.08)

Alan T 6 days ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 4 days ago 4

Subject says it all really

You can notice this if you load an image with a conspicuous edge (say a rectangle drawn in slightly from the actual edge) into a Hard Cover Book model, both as a front cover and as the wraparound. When you toggle "wrap cover image around" obviously the image stretches, but also the wrapped image loses some of the right (or left) edge

Any way to fix without upgrading? Is it fixed in the latest version?


Boxshot 5.2 added completely new books that are much more configurable and should not have the issue you mentioned. Please see here for more information https://boxshot.com/boxshot/tutorials/books/basics/

So yes, this is basically fixed in the latest version.

Confirmed that (after renewing my license!) the new Book models in 5.2 have WAY* more control, and it looks like the old 5.0 book models have the equivalent of a larger than desired "wrapped artwork" parameter

It does mean re-creating my scenes a bit - i don't suppose there is anyway to "upgrade this model" in a scene? (to save me recreating all the dimensions)

(* way WAY more, slightly scary levels of modified leaf block stuff. let's see if I can work out how to access the new properties in javascript…)

scene.root.children[n].generator.wrappedArtwork yay

Unfortunately, there is no way to convert the old books to the new ones. Consider keeping the old ones as is and starting new designs with the new books, unless you definitely need the old ones updated.

Let me know if you have any issues with the scripting of the new shapes.