An Imposition Wizard server version

rob crow 8 years ago updated 4 years ago 0
A version of IW to sit on a server and watch hotfolders for jobs to impose then output results to output folders... Different projects/imposition types could have different hotfolders.
Thanks for the idea. Could you please describe it with some details? Where are lots of ways to implement the server version, so it's interesting for us to understand your needs deeply.

Some basic automation is possible with current version of the app using the Apple script, hotfolder etc. (it's described on the website), but lots of improvements can be made in this area, of course.
yes the scripting is a good start and could be used in this way I think (if one is good at scripting!) - In fact if you could add a script to your website which adds a unique ID to each job title and outputs the PDF to another folder that would be great! (the output folder could then also have a script attached to send the jobs on to a RIP or printer).
.A better version would have a GUI to construct workflows such that an input folder is defined ---> connected to a project (GUI editable IW setup) ---> connected to an output folder (or printer driver).
..It would be even better if there was a client accessible job list which shows the queue (pending processing / processing / finished) and jobs could be moved or cancelled from there by an admin.
...It would be even better if it could take variables from analysing the job or from a job ticket (maybe JDF or PDF metadata?) and preflight the job to check for errors (e.g the job is too big for the paper size) and place them in an error queue.
....It would be even better if it had user configured auto email notification to tell an admin or user when there was an error or when a job is complete etc
.....It would be even better if it was controllable by third party automation software (e.g Enfocus switch where there is a 'crossroads' community creating workflows - which further promotes your product!)

hope that makes sense - email if you like