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manual imposition

goink.ita 3 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 3 years ago 3

Hi all,

i hope you can add a manual impostion like have QUITE IMPOSITION PLUS .

your solution is really powerfoul but i was in habits to use Quite and this feauture will be important for me.

Also have a CREATE SPOT COLORS like have "ARTS PDF crackerjack"

thanks a lot


Under review


It is much better to create a separate thread for each feature, as this way other people can vote for it. Please make another request for spot colors and provide more information there.

In this thread we need more details on the manual imposition. What is manual imposition in Quite Imposer and what its benefits?

Thank you.

Thanks a lot.

Manual imposition is for me important and powerful because you can add a PDF, scaling them, and at your X,Y position into another PDF existing.

This looks quite "manual" for me from their description. Could you show a sample layout you can create in this mode? The real one that you needed?