THANKS for this GREAT software

Dave Morton 2 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 years ago 0
HI, I rarely praise anything in the graphics industry anymore because when it comes to applications, it seems like there’s some of this and some of that to use in the app but the bulk of the application is NEVER USED. 

My hat is off to you guys there and the team that created such a SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE pagination software/application. OUTSTANDING APP....I have been using over the years software after software (PAGES, Dynagram IMPO2, Delta, etc) for paginating and printing backed up pages for my magazine and catalogue design/layouts and NOTHING comes close to IMPOSITION WIZARD. FAST, SIMPLE, RELIABLE  AND NEVER FAILS. 
FINALLY!! - please keep up the good work and Never stop developing this gem

Thanks so much and sorry to be here in support portal to tell you this ....  Just had to be said 


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