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Page Information: Dynamic Information Text Line

Sherry Baker 2 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 years ago 3

I do a lot of variable data jobs that (due to postal regulations) have to be kept in order from print, through bindery, to the post office. It usually goes wrong from print to bindery so bindery has requested I add a (number) out of (number) indicator on each sheet. 

Right now, we have the option to choose {filename} {date} and {time} but are there other information tags that can be used?

In particular, I'm looking to print the first page number out of however many are in the run.
Maybe a {page_start}   and  {page_end} to give me the following results:

Filename_of_imposition   August 27, 2019   12:15 PM    Sheet: 1/2500

Is it possible to add more dynamic information tags to make this possible?

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There are some more parameters there, but most of them are about the different way to represent time and date. What you may find useful are:

- {pages} - all the page numbers on the sheet;

- {current} - the number of the sheet;

- {total} - the total number of sheets.

So if I got you right, you could try "Sheet: {current}/{total}" for the last part of your text.

I am not sure about page_start/end templates you mentioned. Are these like the first and last page on the current sheet? This could work for N-Up, but what about other modes, especially shuffle or booklet? They might not make sense there. Could you elaborate on that, please?

Okay, I feel silly...

What I was looking for was actually already under Page Information.

Once I toggled it on, I realize this is *exactly* what I needed! It would be nice to have it customizable like it is under Text, but it works fine as it is. 

The page_start/end was just me giving names to what I didn't realize was already there... sorry for the confusion!

Already implemented

In version 3 we've got them combined into a single "custom text" object that you can customize the way you want.