digital booklet printing without folding

mike_berger 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 1


one suggestion for the version 3.

If you want to print 8 pages DIN A5 on SRA3 paper without folding you need another scheme of imposition.

For the digital printing it's like this:

1st Booklet 2-up on the half of SRA3 = SRA4.

2nd Cut stack with 1 colum 2 rows

After this you can cut it in the middle and take both stacks together; only in this way both stacks are fit.

The name could be: Booklet (Cut stack)

And the configuration comes with the colums and rows.

If you have 2 colums - divide the width of the paper by 2.

If you have 2 rows - divide the width of the paper by 2.

And all marks will be apply for each tile.


What do you think?


That can be also in the Layout Booklet -> Step and Repeat.

Here the option for the "Tiles", that the printed paper will be devide into tiles. 

And the pages will be centered on each tile.