Not a bug

the content is way to big

mike_berger 10 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 10 months ago 10

Hello all,

I have following problem:

The content is to big for my screen :-)

How can I reset this?

After deinstalling and installing - the same like before.

Thank you


Screen after starting of the programm

Screen after starting of the add-in

Screen after pressing "fit to screen"

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Seems like an issue with scaling for hi-DPI. What's your OS, screen resolution and dpi?

Kind Regards,

Yaro Glushchenko, PressNoStress Team

Hello Yaro,

Windows 10 Pro V. 1909

Screen - 2160x1440



OK, could you please provide some extra info on the issue?

1. Does same issue apply to other apps or it's "Imposition Wizard" only

2. Did it start recently (within an update of an app or OS) or is it just a new machine

3. What is your global Windows scaling (search -> "make everything bigger", this will open Display panel, there should be a scaling factor. Like 150% or 200%)

Windows has quite a bunch of settings for scaling and "Imposition Wizard" just follows the lead usually. For instance, I have a 4k 27-inch monitor with 175% global scaling, it looks fine for me, you might have a bit too much.

At last, you can navigate to the ImpositionWizard.exe, right-click, choose "Compatibility" tab and click "Change hi DPI settings" there. Try available options there, including troubleshooter.

Kind Regards,

Yaro Glushchenko, PressNoStress Team

Sure Yaro.

1) yes it's the same (like Screen 1)

2) It can be Windows Updates in the last days, but not on a new machine.

3) 150%

4) I checked first the upper checkbox, and then the lower checkbox, but no changes. screen

And it makes not 4-1 2-3 if I make booklet 2-up -> it makes 1-1 2-2 like this picture


Did I get this right: every app on your system is over-scaled?

You should try adjusting that global scaling to 100% than and check whether the apps look OK. This main slider affects almost every app and should fix issues like that.

As for the booklet - please, make a separate issue (a fresh-new mail to support) with detailed description, an input and output PDFs would be much appreciate for the tests.

Kind Regards,

Yaro Glushchenko, PressNoStress Team

only your apps (the stand alone app and the plug-in)

all other programms looks very fine with 150%.

sure that I will, I test on other pc in the meantime, also with 1909. but there works fine.

I uninstall it, then i delete some entries at the registry, then restart, and then install it again.

now looks fine 



OK, that's a weird issue. Which entries in the registry did you erase? I guess it might be something regarding those individual app scalings?


Yaro Glushchenko, PressNoStress Team

All with "Imposition", that was 2 folders and 6 strings.

After that, I need also to put my registration again.

But now fine.

Thanks Yaro