Automatically update name of imposed file in save dialog when source file changes.

Anonymous 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 0
Maybe there is a better way to use the software that makes this unnecessary, but this is how I use it... I have 2 standard layouts saved as .impproj files, one for bleed and one for no bleed, which i use for almost all documents i impose. I open my layout file and then i choose File>Load Source File and load whatever i need imposed (ex: file1). When you then choose 'Impose', the default name in the save dialog is 'file1-Imposed'. Then I go back to File-Load Source file and choose my next, call it 'file2'. When i click Impose, the filename in the save prompt is still 'file1-Imposed'. It should update on its own to reflect the current source file, i.e. 'file2-imposed'.

This would save me tons of time in clicks and keystrokes. If I am using the software wrong and there is a better way that will alleviate this issue, someone let me know!