Two or more booklets repeated by page

Sergio Azevedo 7 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 3 months ago 4
Being able to insert two or more booklets repeated by page.
You can do it in this demo version, but we first generate a booklet imposition and save it as pdf. Then, we opened the imposition recorded and generate a new one with two repeated impositions per sheet. And so we have repeated the two booklets per page.
It would all be easier if we could do it directly in the "Imposition Settings" menu with the ability to manage the distances between crop marks.

We have the same issue. We often times need to impose two or more booklets on a single sheet but it is not possible to set the distance between the booklets, only between the pages - which imho makes no sense. The workaround to impose in two steps is the only solution which can cause further issues.

Under review

There is a "Multiple copies" section at the bottom of the "Booklet" panel which should do exactly what you need:

Could you check if it works for you?

oh yes, is was not aware of this option since i am using version 2 most of the time - it's imho easier to use. Thank you!