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barcode not printing

misc 3 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 6 months ago 4

I've used your Barcode program for several years without any problems. I recently upgraded to InDesign CC 2018 (from 2015) and now the placed barcodes are not printing. In fact, if they are on a page with other items the page prints blank. If I export from InDesign to PDF, the barcode appears and the whole page prints as a PDF without problem. But printing from InDesign with a placed barcode EPS prints to a blank page. I have placed other EPS files and they work fine. The problem seems to be barcodes made with your Barcode app. Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated. 

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Well, if InDesign doesn't print, but the PDFs it exports are printed well, it is more likely and InDesign problem. 

From the top of my head, it could somehow relate to spot colors if you use them. Try turn them on or off, depending on what they are now and see if it helps.

It would be also nice to see the EPS and simple InDesign project, so we can try it here.

Thanks for your quick reply. At the link below you'll find packaged ID files with live text, the troublesome barcode EPS, and a random EPS. The random EPS prints but the barcode does not. In this instance that blank-page phenomenon seems to not be an issue.



Thanks. I didi a test print and the barcode prints out fine. Combined with that you see the barcode in InDesign and that PDF exports are printed well, I would suggest to double-check that your printer drivers are up to date. It might also help to restart both your computer and printer, just in case.

What you could also try is to set the background color of the barcode to transparent in Barcode. This way Barcode doesn't fill the barcode background and it can't affect the bars. It shouldn't actually, but if the printer driver fails on that, it could help.