inDesign barcode EPS import problems

JoeM 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 12

Using Barcode1.10 with InDesign CC 2019 ( on MacOS 10.14.3  Having a problem with import of EPS files generated in Barcode.

InDesign allows placement of graphics in an image box via drag/drop or a "Place" command in the menu. If you have an image box selected (or drag into it) on the layout, the graphic will import into that. If no box is selected of an image is dragged onto a location with no box, the image will be imported into a new box.

EPS files generated in Barcode will not import into an empty image box. Attempting to do so via drag/drop or "place" will result in the barcode initially appearing in the box. Immediately thereafter, the cursor will change to an image of the barcode forcing it to be dropped into a new image box.

This only happens on empty image boxes. If the box already has an image in it, the new barcode will replace the existing image.

 Images from other software packages import correctly. If I open the "Barcode" file in Illustrator and resave as an EPS file, it imports correctly. It is only EPS files generated by Barcode that exhibit the problem.

Any ideas of what could be causing this? Is Barcode creating some special type of EPS file?  I have also reached out on the Adobe forums to see what ideas they might have.

Despite some workarounds, this problem is severely impacting my workflow. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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As it works a different way for empty and non-empty image box, I believe you'd better contact Adobe guys for help, as this looks like their issue.

Barcode generates quite a small EPS files and maybe Indesign expects something there that is missed, but all the other apps, including Illustrator open our EPS files fine, so I believe it is InDesign import issue.

Re-saving EPS in Illustrator makes it like 60 times bigger, so it is hard to tell what exactly changes there so it starts working. If by any chance you have a really small EPS file that works the way you need - please send it here so we can have a look and maybe update or exporter.

Meanwhile you can use PDF for export as it seems working the way you need even for empty image boxes.

I have reached out to Adobe and am awaiting a response.

Since the problem only happens on EPS files generated from your software, I wouldn't be surprised that they point me back to you. Just as I understand your reasoning for sending me to Adobe since it only affects one function of one of their packages.

Interesting that the same file as an EPS from Illustrator would be 60x larger. I thought EPS was a standard and both files would be at least close to the same size.

I have attached an EPS file that works - a simple black box. Not sure if it is small (967k). I'm not sure I have something other than Illustrator that can generate a vector EPS file. I can also send you some of my older barcodes (generated with different software). They are small EPS files that work. I would just rather not post them in a public forum.


I'm guessing that my combination of Barcode + InDesign is pretty rare. I will look at the PDF workaround.

Please feel free to send the EPS files privately.

To what email address?

Just use the form at the bottom of this page: https://boxshot.com/contact/

File sent. Not sure if the form processed - I click "POST" and nothing happens.

Yes, we got them. Thank you. Can you do a test for me please? Export an EPS file, open it as a text file and remove the %%HiResBoundingBox line at the very beginning of the file, then try drag it into InDesign. Will it help?

Amazing. That corrects the problem.  Without that line the image image


OK, thanks for the confirmation. We'll update the software to not add that line and release an update probably next week. Thanks for your help.

Very cool! Thanks for the help.


We've just released Barcode 1.11 where the problem is fixed. It would be nice if you confirm that it works for you.

Just tested the new version. Works perfectly - the problem is corrected. Thank you VERY much for the quick attention to this issue.

FYI - I have also posted about this issue in the Adobe Help Forums. Others have been able to repeat my issue on Mac/Mojave/InDesign combinations. Seems the problem does not affect Windows or at least one earlier version of Mac OSX.  People there have termed this an InDesign bug and suggested I report it as such to Adobe (which I am about to do).

Thanks again.