Changing the filenames

Sirli 1 year ago updated 6 months ago 7

Would it be possible to add a function which changes the names of the barcode files after generation? I will generate about 150 barcodes and their names should be from 001 to 150. The original ordering must be kept when changing the file names. Thanks in advance.

Under review

So just to double-check: you want an option to name the barcodes after their index in the list, not based on their content? Is that correct?

Yes, it is correct. 

How long does it take to make the function? Could you make that function in a week? Thanks in advance!


Thanks for the confirmation.

We'll put this into the TODO list and will most likely release with the next update, but I can't tell you the timeframe for that and it will not be this or next week for sure.

If in rush, consider trying the command line options instead: https://boxshot.com/support/barcode-help/automation_scripting.html - with some scripting you can do whatever names you want.