Yes, that's how Illustrator works. It takes just one extra click to the "Embed" button to get it done.

Ok, thank you kindly for your answer.

I just realized that what i wrote might be confusing. I'm attaching a picture for further description.

When i drag that code directly from Barcode to CC2015/CC2019 I get that.

Under review

Hm, never seen that... What if you drag it to a folder in Explorer? Does it work this way?

What about Photoshop or InDesign?

Photoshop CS6 works fine Indesign cc2015 works fine too, drag it to folder or desktop works fine. Illustrator cc2015/cc2019 does what the picture shows.

Any idea if i'm doing something wrong? or didn't do something.

What if you drag a barcode to the desktop and then drag that file into Illustrator? Does it work?

sorry, forgot to tell you that  from explorer to illustrator works fine too. 

Got it, thank you. Please do it this way for now, while we have a look at it here. Btw, what is the Barcode version?

I have this same issue, and although the workaround works, it is not very convenient.

Ver 1.12.2 with Illustrator CC 2020 (24.1.2) on Windows 10