Every new barcode gets the last saved filename

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Every new barcode gets the last saved filename and not the name of the barcode itself. 

Can you have a look at this?


Under review


Other users find it convenient to keep the name they entered on the previous saving, so forgetting this name would be a problem for them. Barcode currently remembers the exported file name for each barcode and puts it back when you export it again.

Would you prefer the software to forget that name and roll back to the default file name and location every time you export the barcode? Even if you make a minor change, you will have to locate that folder again. Is it what you want? Maybe you can provide some background?


Hi V,
Thank you for the quick reply.
The "problem" I have is this:

When i make a barcode 1111111 it saves as 1111111.eps and this is great!

When I then make a new code 2222222 and press the save icon it is still 1111111.eps (but it should be 2222222.eps 

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Got it, will address this in the next update.

I have an idea for this how to do it:

If someone has chosen a custom filename, the save icon could have an indication dot for this after saving like this:

And then, when you mouseover the icon, a tooltip could explain, that the custom file name is used instead.

Now it could be like this: if you click e.g. with the control key pressed, that the standard file name is generated and used again on the save dialog window.

Or maybe another shortcut like Control + Shift + S for the same thing.

What do you mean?

Thanks a lot