transparent interface or custom photo background in render preview

Damian 3 years ago updated by Willy Croezen 2 months ago 8
To easier (and simply faster) match render to real photo (showing design in "real" enviroment)
i like this idea, as i often wished for this also

same, it's a pain that this option isn't included


Maybe this will help you: Take a plane with  an image as 2nd scene and move the elements to each other. Not very cool, but at least a way. Otherwise Koru would be worth a look.


You can do it faster and more accurately in Photoshop


a 3D created box from origami?

Yes, of course, D, that's true. But I thought Willy wants to interactively align the object against the background.


Peter - As I wrote - THIS CAN ALSO be done in Photoshop

exactly true.

this was very helpful actually.

i wonder though, when i render the final correctly positioned item, to place in photoshop in the correct background, and i select render with transparent background, i always get an image on a white background?