Adjust paper thickness in templates and allow saving of created templates

walter 4 years ago updated by Walter Bravenboer 3 years ago 11
When choosing a existing template, make adjustment for paper thickness. Also a library with created templates, where you can save, import or edit templates.


Done, all the dielines in the online generator now take paper thickness into account.
I agree with this, I would like a library of templates that i can save adjusted or custom templates to. I Share templates with others so this would be helpful to control proper die lines.

Also i would like to be able to edit a die line after i have selected or made one. It seems like I can only edit it when i pick one but if i am working one a project and have to change the dimensions of the die line it would he helpful to just plug in new measurements instead of generating a new die or manually adjusting it.
This sounds like another software :) The initial idea behind Origami was a simple tool to convert Illustrator drawings to 3D models. Then we added online generator to help you start faster and get a dieline template for further adjustment.

Folding animation, post-generation size changes and other stuff like that means Origami has to control the dieline, not Illustrator. This means we'll have to lock the dieline from editing in Illustrator at all, as there might be conflicts if you modify the dieline and then ask Origami to resize it. This way we'll end up with a small CAD software that doesn't need Illustrator at all.

Well, there is a request like that nearby so maybe it could be an option, but what do you think about missing the ability to use Illustrator for customising dielines?
i would like the option to be able to save ones own die lines as templates also, so you can use them like the available templates in the Die-line creator now.
Would love the integrated material thickness like you have for the newer templates. Also, since we can save custom paper types in Origami, being able to pull form that selection would be a nice inclusion.
If a dieline has paper thickness parameter, it is already automatically configured according to the selected paper type. Now it is all about updating the dielines, it might take some time, but we're working on that.
Done, all the dielines in the online generator now take paper thickness into account.

Thank you very much for the new version! It remains one of the most useful plugins ever! Most plugins or programs are much more expensive and are much less user-friendly.

I am also very happy with the added standard templates in the Die-line creator. The possibility to save created templates would still be very useful, although I understand the limitations.
How about a possible way to exchange useful (.ai) templates on your website/forum? I think this would add to the popularity of this great plugin!

There is a "Design Showcase" forum here where you can share your work or publish the dielines you make. Be the first one to post there :)

Cool! What kind of files can be uploaded?

That is up to you :) The thing is quite new for both you and us, so let's try and see how it goes. I would upload an AI/EPS dieline and some kind of preview image, so people can easily see what they download.

I put some items in it!