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gap detection

Willy Croezen 4 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 4 months ago 5
it Would be vry good if in Origami, it could be indicated where a gap exists in a box design... i Receive die cut designs from our manufacturers in china every day and though i have been partially succesful in instructing them to create origami -ready die cuts, many times, when testing their designs,it turns out that the outline isn't completely closed and it takes me forever to check the illustrator file for these gaps.
Can you share a sample file or two with that gaps? Thank you.
I completely agree. Joining all the points takes a long time to do and is very frustrating.
Since my initial post, i have learned to workaround this by selecting all cutlines in illustrator and then using the livepaint functionality to close the gaps, as you can set gapdetection to your liking. then all you need to do is expand the freshly filled outline and bob's your uncle!
Of course you need to move all folding lines and any cutout-lines temporarily to another layer, because Livepaint will create one big outline and lose all details on the inside of that outline. but this effectively generates a closed path outline.

Still, it would be more helpful even if Origami would indicate where it detects gaps, the same way it now indicates any overlaps.

hey, vitaly,

here's a file where for the life of me, i am unable to find the gap:


There is a number of double-cuts here:

The next version of Origami should be able to detect some of those, so things are going to get easier a bit :)