A User-tip for objects that can be folded in different ways

Willy Croezen 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 0
I have made a habit of grouping my folding-lines in illustrator. Origami allows this.
Now, I had a display box that could be folded in different ways: one packaging version and a presentation version. What I did was duplicate the Folding lines group and then change the folding lines folding angle for each version. by toggling visibility of these groups and then refreshing the Origami view, I could quickly see how my artwork looked in the two orientations in 3D
Of course I have added another layer containing my finished Artwork, positioned correctly on the Die-Cut in illustrator
An awesome time-saver!
Just wanted to share this tip
it is done already :)

I use few layers named "origami". BUT only one can be visible in time. Switch OFF one layer, Switch ON second - press refresh in origami and done :)
Hi, that's the way I do it to do curve folding faces. Vitaly, may I suggest that if it was possible to use 1 line from the line where starts the fold till the finish line with a comment on the layer "Origami" like "fold100" or "fold30".
May I see an example of those fold100/fold30 lines? Not sure how they work for you.