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Custom Die Line

Sean 5 years ago updated by Joshua Baldwin 1 year ago 11
Ability to upload and create your own custom die line
Could you elaborate on this, please? Origami is about custom dielines - you create them in Illustrator and it then folds them up for you. What exactly feature you miss?

i would love to have this feature, i imagine that you could upload any correct working illustrator- die-cut design in a folder somewhere and point origami to this folder via a path that you can set in the settings and from then on, when using the die-line creator, you can also use all the custom die-cuts that you uploaded there as templates.

this would allow origami-users to also share templates that they made.


an area where users can share/upload templates would be great 

I would love a shared area to upload die-lines, even more so if we were allowed to set constraints; and which lines / parts of the box would scale to create the full layout.

Under review

What if you can make dielines, say, in JavaScript? Define properties like width/height/length/etc, then write some code making the dieline? Then share that online?

I think this would make an excellent addition to the software. As a designer that is also profeicient in JavaScript (and worked with numerous frameworks) I think this would work well.


We are at the early stages of planning this and are currently testing the water with prototypes. Here is a sample code that does a simple rectangle shape with a single crease. What if you can do the same and then share them?

var api = {};

api.variables = function() {
    return [
        {name: "Width", type: "length", min: "2", max: "100", default: "20"},
        {name: "Length", type: "length", min: "2", max: "100", default: "20"},

api.make = function(vars, builder) {
    var width = vars["Width"];
    var length = vars["Length"];

    var padding = 10;
    var bottom = padding, left = padding;
    var top = bottom + length;
    var right = left + width;

    builder.size(width + padding * 2, height + padding * 2);

    builder.cut(left, bottom, right, bottom);
    builder.cut(right, bottom, right, top);
    builder.cut(left, top, right, top);
    builder.cut(left, bottom, left, top);

    var mid = (left + right) / 2;
    builder.crease(mid, bottom, mid, top, 90, "Crease 1");


Of course with code editor, some kind of live preview etc... Ideas? Suggestions?

The above looks good; would you publish the full schema & associated documentation to assist with this?

Examples for existing FEFCO styles along with thorough documentation would provide enough detail to create many new box layouts, custom cutters and similar.

It would be very interesting in the future to be able to create a die-line from scratch in Adobe illustrator (or other) software, then use illustrator to set which parts of the die-line should scale, which could then possibly generate completed code for the die-line within Origami, allowing it to be adjusted quickly and easily. Of course it is a lot of development, but could be a very good addition to the software 


Sure, we'll provide all the docs once we release it. We're just investigating and good old code looks better than constraint-based solutions so far. But the main concern is that it will be way too difficult for our audience to write code.

Initially, It would add complexity for a number of users; but it would mean there is a system that implements the requested function. 

Software could be written to create completed code from PDF or SVG layouts in the future then visually select which variables apply to which edges / lines.

I'm seeing if I can create an 0426 or similar in the above code, and everything be correct.