Origami Affinity Designer plugin or/and Origami standalone

Lobito 5 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 1 year ago 11
Origami Affinity Designer plugin or/and Origami standalone, as Affinity is close to a Windows version, or a stand alone that don't rely on Illustrator.
Thank you.


An Affinity Designer version of the Plugin would be a good choice.
Hello, Windows Affinity Designer went live today : ) and its awesome! Cheers
Any thoughts from the devs about the standalone and the Affinity Designer (cross platform) suggestions ?
I am not sure if Affinity Designer can have plugins at all, but anyway this seems to be quite a niche product so far. There's also Corel Draw, Sketch, InkScape and many other vector editors around. Supporting all of them may eat up too much resources, so at the moment I don't think it is worth it.

On the other hand, standalone version of Origami could be an option. All the editors seems capable of exporting SVG and we can load them to Origami for further processing. It will not be as simple as with Illustrator, but still an option for those who don't use AI.

No promises so far, though.
Yes ok, standalone version Origami could be more the way to go then
I have several apps which are capable to export SVG but no plan to buy AI

There are a lot more people in the same position I assume which could be interested in the standalone Origami version, so fingers crossed about this
Problem is more complicated. Adobe CS 6 is probably last Adobe that we use in firm, we have 13 design computers and cost of 13 licenses of Adobe CC is out of possibility today. I suppose that Origami in future will be not CS6 compatible, and satnd allone version will be great solution if CS 6 will be unsupported. BUT :) we offen get cut-lines with lot of errors - that we correct quickly in AI with Origami, even today sometimes we must change some case line to cut line to help origami to fold project (3rd gallery graphics at http://www.madeinbrain.com.pl/dan-cake-2) so I wonder if that corrections would be so easy in stand alone origami.
Exactly, the next idea after making Origami standalone will be probably to add "a very tiny little editor" there :) At the end of the day, we'll end up with another Illustrator competitor... That's not in plans.

In case of standalone application, you'll need to re-export the fixed version of your dieline and reload it in Origami. We'll try to simplify that like we do with artwork in Boxshot, but it will still be a few extra steps.
Exactly my thought. Standalone and Affinity Designer integration.
I'm moving to Affinity Designer, as CS6 becomes less & less compatible on newer OS's. Indesign will no longer work with the next Mac OS as it needs to be 64bit. Illustrator & Photoshop may (or may not). Affinity looks to have a Publisher app ready for beta later in 2018. When all this transpires I suspect many designers running CS6 will either move to a competing platform or bite the bullet and adopt CC.

In any case I would be happy for a standalone Origami. Import die line, adjust folds and export folded 3D model to Owlet or other 3D app for further rendering.