3D dimensions of the box

Glen 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 0
Once a flat piece of artwork has been converted in origami, A nice feature would for origami to display the 3D dimensions of the box. i.e. the height x width x depth.

What should we do for complex shapes? Some of them are not boxes at all.
Good question Vitaly. This would be for the sole purpose of packing products into a container, so the external dimensions would only be needed. If you know what I mean. In other words a client can see at a glance what the box dimensions are so they know how many boxes they can get in a 40ft container.
What if we add a menu item that you click and get a pop up window with the bounding box dimensions in centimeters or inches? Will it be fine?
Vitaly that would be perfect. I work in metric personally. But I'm sure others might work in imperial. So would it be possible to add both? Thank you.
That's fantastic news vitaly. It will be extremely useful for a lot of users! Thank you.
Better Way will be add volume capacity of the shape - it can measure liquid inside bottle
will boxshot show dimensions in objects panels