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Transparence channel rendering

Paweł Saładziak 6 years ago updated by cmiller 2 years ago 6
Transparence channel rendering - for example for using in acetate windows, transparent or semi glass or plastic elements.
It would be very very usefull, if a transparant part of an PNG/PDF/TIF file would also be transparant, when used for example in a placed image. So you can see true it.
It would indeed be useful if you could use the alpha channel for transparency support. Currently if I want to achieve this effect I have to manually edit the front/back textures in Photoshop to have transparency.

Yes. I vote for this too.

Under review

Can someone attach a simple AI file showing the feature, please?

Is this a feature request for Origami or Boxshot? 

I don't see how the originators want this to work. A window in a real life dieline is just a diecut as any hole in the package would be, we just specify that an acetate gets glued behind it to our vendor. You have to put this hole in your dieline regardless so why is there any transparency?  Perhaps you're talking about the substrate itself being made of a transparent material? with opaque/transparent inks applied? With 57 upvotes and no file uploaded someone should take Vitaly up on the offer! 

It refers to the paper materials available in origami. Instead of opaque paper or cardboard it would be a transparent or frosted acetate.