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Edit fold angles right into Origami

DoZ 6 years ago updated by Darioluca 2 years ago 13
I'd like the ability to edit fold angles right into Origami, and not only naming Illustrator layers.
You can view the folds in the preview in illustrator as your doing it
it make no sense, Origami not working without Illustrator, all information about model is keeping in to ai files, when you want to duplicate fold angles to origami this setup should be store... in external files ???. this make no sense - it complicate easy way of working with origami
I previously used Strata Enfold, a plug-in for illustrator that allowed you to create 3D folds, made by Esko . They stopped supporting the product. I then found Origami , which is blowing enfold out of the water. Except! Enfold had one great feature I miss dearly. They had a folding pallet that showed your dieline flat with all of the crease lines, you could then simply click on multiple crease lines and drag a slider control to your desired angle, either manually or by typing in a box a degree number. I would love this incorporated into Origami???? Then the higher resolution box preview would update on the fly.

Yes I use Enfold too. But this was not plugin but application - on Esko Studio for Boxes license. It is (was) very easy folding setup, but finally You build separate file with folding model for Esko Studio. Origami works as plugin - and when we have difficult case lines - working from illustrator help us to fix problems in cut and case lines. Workijng in Esko way is more nice on the beginning BUT if you have 30 case line in design, and few errors in base cutlines design - Origami way of working make folding a lot of quicker - I can say it as I folded about thousand of designs.

I like it! When you make changes in Origami the changes apply in the illustrator file. The same way it creates the backside layer.

...at least a way to batch rename layers in Illustrator could be nice?


heck I don't need the ability for two-way communication back to illustrator, just the ability to adjust those folds from Origami would be AMAZING. saving as a 'layout' would be cool too, but one reason this is HUGE for us, is we use Origami to export DAEs for use in animations, takes some work to split up the planes fronts, backs and edges, but our biggest chore is working with the folds, e.g. origami adds interpolated facets to cover the angles to give them a 'soft' corner, which is GREAT, but we have to go back and forth adjusting the angle, and then waiting waiting waiting for it to load (from a network share). if we could adjust the folds in Origami, it'd take a huge bit of the wait and work out of it. 

lets remember that when we move fold angel to origami we will use 2 programs to make proper folding model:

in illustrator we will define cut or case line , in illustrator we will setup special layers as bottom, and in illustrator we will fixing cutlines gaps or cutlines errors but in origami we will do folding. so as in Esko folding info will be saved in to separate file, IT makes work more complicated - today WE HAVE ALL info about  model saved in illustrator file - please notice that its very simple and cool feature. 

Under review

The main thing here is to identify what Illustrator curve does this Origami line match? Note that Origami can merge multiple path segments into one, you may shift the whole layout or re-create some of the layout's items.

In order to control everything, Origami needs to become the "owner" of the dieline, so it reads it once and then you can't edit it in Illustrator. Then Origami can modify it the way it needs and send updates to Illustrator, where the layout is re-created each time. It will work just fine, but missing the ability to fine-tune dielines in Illustrator is a huge argument against this. We could probably implement a "lock/release" option for this, but it will add to the complexity of the process.

Another option is to try matching Origami and Illustrator paths on the fly. We can use their positions, or maybe add some hidden metadata to the paths, so we can identify them easier. This lets you edit the dieline in Illustrator when you need it, but as I told above you can edit it "too much" and Origami will not be able to find its paths after editing.

Finally, does it really matters without the timeline? The main reason you want to control the angles is animation and adding this may change a lot in the application. Maybe we should just implement the animation they way it is best for animation and this question will be sorted out by itself?

Ideas? Suggestions?


I think editing folding angles would be a great idea.

Either in the Origami viewport, or in AI (different layer for folding lines at 90°, 30°)? Ideally you would have hinges in the origami app which you can adapt.  That would be interesting if you wanted to show a box slightly open or an album or sth...

for presentation purposes.  Also would be handy if you want a fold go the other way, as now it's always going 'inward'.

Like the program very much though (I'm trying it out just now).

Is there a way to implement thickness to the 3d model?

look at setup thickness in origami

Oh wow, that's really cool, thx...

I think the angle thing would be really helpful for presentation, like items like this (or boxes of course):

I think it could be useful when you work on irregular displays, like this...