add Overprint support

JC 6 years ago updated 3 years ago 0
Hi Guys

As per my mail, I think overprint support for Illustrator Overprint being "rendered" in Origami would be really cool. We do a lot of repro based artwork where we need to use overprint to simulate the way different spot colours would print one over the other. In conjunction with layer "blending" support (which you've mentioned is in use already) this can only help extend the software usability and perhaps improve on the speed at which samples can be made and shared.

Granted it is probably not the easiest thing to implement, but it would put you guys one notch closer to being the competition, for certain over priced 3d packaging solutions I won't mention by name, we so desperately need.
Origami window is not propper for overprint verification, You can make action to one click export design to jpg with overprint to BoxShot texture. If you want to preflight overprints use Phantasm plugin for AI. I use Origami to composition preflight and cut lines verification.
or make appearance > multiply instead of attributes > overprint