Naming Of Origami Layer

Glen Webster 7 years ago updated 4 years ago 0
With regard to naming the layer Origami! When we as packaging designers supply artwork to the printers the cutting guide layer should be name cutting guide or have the option to custom name that layer so that the printer knows whats what. Although its not a massive issue it would be far better to have to name the Origami layer Cutter or dieline so if we forget to go and change the layer name then it doesn't matter.
how about action in illustrator find layer <> rename layer ?
I would go one step further even and make all set "names" customizable: "Origami" - "Top" - "bottom" put them all in a settings menu that defaults to the standard origami values, but that can be set to what the user wants, is more friendly for international users also.
It would be cool to ability to rename texture name, when we export scene with few objects to .dae files - it would be nice to have individual names