Some new functions for export

Dmk880 5 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 3 years ago 1
Hey, currently I use your Origami in trial version, and I order it now, but maybe you could add a "footer" for export pdf visualisation.
We can add our producer table with some information.

You also should add a corrugated board texture, for better looks like boxes.

Also, maybe in future, you add an option for multi parts boxes, if I want connect 2 or more parts of boxes in one piece?

The two-or more parts of boxes is huge for us, we end up creating a frankenstein package of the two Dielines melded specifically to use in Origami, but we have to remember to separate them out to two dielines again before we release to our vendors - we have some rather large boxes that have to be produced as two parts. additionally, we have a lot of packouts that are separate corrugated pieces, we found ways to make it work by creating a fake bridge between the main Dieline and the packout, but again - it's not accurate and we have to change it back before releasing - plus is often impossible to do unless we go crazy with back and forth z-folds to extend the piece beyond the body of the Dieline