MikeDV 3 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 3 years ago 2

Why disable menu's, we want to try the origami software in combination with owlet but cant export in the demo

frustrating if you just want to look how it work. Just put a watermark over it or something.

Under review

Hello Mike,

Exporting for Owlet means exporting to one of the standard formats, which means free export in the demo version. This way you can get the shape without having a license, which is not what we are here for. So there is a limit.

You can export to 3D PDF, though. This gives you an idea of how your shape looks in a 3rd party 3D app. If you want a real Origami output, you can download some examples here: https://boxshot.com/origami/gallery/ - click the "OBJ Sample" links under the shapes to download them.

Hope this helps.