Origami UI Tabs?

Joey Lopez 3 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 3 years ago 5

I've somehow accidentally caused two tabs to appear for Illustrator CC 2018, in Origami and it was GREAT!!!
I was able to switch between the two tabs looking at two iterations of a design, this was the greatest moment I've ever EVER had with Origami! It allowed my creative director and I to switch back and forth between two designs, how do I get this to happen again!? I've tried everything, there's no reference to it anywhere, I've tried multiple files/windows/tabs in Illustrator, etc. how did this happen????

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Hello Joey,

Origami opens a tab for each connected Illustrator. It is not intended to show design iterations or something like that, but you are more than welcome to explore this option a different way :)

There are two ways you can get the tabs:

  1. Run another version of Illustrator and open the same design there
  2. Restart Illustrator so it connects again and leaves its old model in another tab in Origami. This way that old tab will not refresh, but you still have the design there

It is much more interesting to discuss the problem solved this way. It sounds like you might need a design comparison feature that is currently missed. Could you elaborate on that, please?

Thank you!!!! that is amazing! Yes, this is perfect for me for now, and yes I think a comparison feature would be great! 

A couple of ways this might be useful: 

  1. Because the open tabs don't need to refresh to go between them, if they could be displayed simultaneously with a split-window, that would be amazingly useful.
  2. If Origami had a 'new window' function for the presently open file, that 'froze' the current view (until refreshed) say while certain layers are visible, and in the new window you pull the current layer visibility - you'd be able to show 'versions' of a document based on it's layer visibility. - since Origami already can pull a 'new instance' as a tab by closing and opening illustrator, this might be the easiest to implement.
  3. Origami could list all open documents in Illustrator, allowing you to select any open document and load it as a tab
  4. In addition to the 'refresh' button, adding a "Refresh as new tab" button - THIS would be amazing - on the fly iterations based on changes to the document.


Thanks, it sounds like you want a "snapshot" option that lets you save a read only copy of what you currently see and return to it later. That seems to be a nice new feature :)

oh absolutely that would be perfect!