Impossible Shape, but everything is correct

chrystian.engel 3 years ago updated by Joey Lopez 3 years ago 3

Dear Origami-Team,

by testing your Software, we found one of our boxes to have an "impossible shape". Origami is showing and modelling everything correct in the preview, but is refusing to export as pdf because of the error message.

I'll attach an .ai-file and a snapshot for you.


I look forward hearing from you.


Chrystian Engel (Artwork Management) - IDT Biologika GmbH



Hello Chrystian,

The "Impossible shape" error means that Origami was unable to meet the ends when folding a complex shape. Some shapes (like yours) have loops and in that case Origami picks a crease line and temporary cut the shape along it to break the loop, then when the shape is folded, it checks if the ends meet. If not - it displays this error.

The problem is that the ends may almost meet and even if the shape looks OK, Origami will still display an error. I believe your scene has a small misalignment near the yellow mark that Origami shows, but as it is quite complex, it may take a while to find it out.

However, the latest version of Origami (2.8) lets you export scenes even if they have such errors, so update your copy of Origami and you can test the 3D PDF export even with this shape.


thank you for the quick reply. I have found the error...there was a faulty alignment, but not in the yellow marked area. Nevertheless it worked just perfectly! 

Yep, I audit our dielines for my dept when they get this and other errors, our biggest culprit is curved crease lines, if there was a way for origami to identify a curved bezier and call that out, wow it'd help big time.