Multiple artboards support

Alexander van Aken 3 years ago updated by Joey Lopez 3 years ago 1

Hi, when creating hundreds of boxes with all their own sizes, it can be time consuming to add default stuff to the new box, like colors, guides special page info etc.
Can you make it possible that origami renders the selected artboard? Then I can use 1 .ai file for all boxes. Also make it possible to export to koru all in 1 .dae (if technically possible).

Ummm hmm, upvoted for the multiple artboard support - e.g. for packages that are built from more than one piece of substrate, and packouts/trays, etc. would be AMAZING. moving them into place in 3D would need to be an extra interface that Origami doesn't have built in at the moment afaik, that's asking a lot i know- hmmm