origami icon in the doc bar mac

jeanphilippe 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 7


icon origami don't show in the doc on mac

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Can you provide more details, please? What exactly you do and what happens? What is the Mac OS version?

Hi Vitaly

Mac OS Mojave 10.14

When i launch Origami 2.8.1, the icon in the dock bar is a white file icon.

See my screenshot


Looks like a Mac OS glitch unless you moved the application somewhere. Anyway, right click the icon and select "Remove from dock", then run Origami and you should see the icon back. Right click it and select "Keep in dock" to have it there again.

Let me know if it doesn't help.


No, Origami Icon is always a white icon (see my screenshot above)

Origami app is in Applications folder.

I also rebooted my mac.

Thanks for your help


I found the solution

Origami.app > read the information > drag and drop the icon (see the screenshot)

Now, the icon in the dock bar is OK


Looks like a Mac OS issue or feature, not sure. But glad it works now :)